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Powerful Essay Topics on Dragonwings Help You Create Your Essay Writing Career

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The Rule Of St. Benedict - 1566 Words

He believes that both should be educated, because they can have the same nature. In this society, marriage is considered sacred, but all of the children will be raised together. Therefore, no one will know who their parents are. These practices help create a shared community of property. Socrates believes that this would create peace and selflessness among the citizens. All of these practices are to insure that â€Å"the guardians will never quarrel among themselves there will be no danger of the rest of the city being divided either against them or against one another† (Plato 133). By looking at the expected actions of the citizens of this society, it is clear that Socrates deemed wisdom and selflessness as important characteristics for a perfect society to function. In The Rule of St. Benedict, Benedict clearly writes out the routines that the monks living in a monastery should participate in. He dictates what the monks should say and read at certain times of the day. He even goes as far as dictating diets, clothing, and chores. There is a clear order of authority and steps of discipline for those who make a mistake. Benedict places an Abbot at the head of every monastery. The Abbot serves as a father figure, and is supposed to make the best decisions for the people in his care. Everyone else who holds a position is there to aid the Abbot in keeping things running smoothly. Benedict wants the monks to obey the Abbot and the Superiors that he appoints what is authorized by theShow MoreRelatedRule of St. Benedict1160 Words   |  5 Pagesor monarchism is literally the act of dwelling alone. The Rule of St Benedict played an important role in Europe during the middle ages, monks were able to preserve many classical works from both the Romans and t he Greeks while acting as copiers that produced books, they were the most pious of the church and acted as a model for the average person to strive for. It dignified manual labor, the rule acted as a written constitution and rule of law for most monasteries, policies could be seen as harshRead MoreThe Role Of Monastic And The Problem Of Christian Conversions For Pagan Societies1286 Words   |  6 Pagesprimary writings of St. Benedict define the purpose of the monastery to spread Christianity as a source of religious power throughout Europe. More so, the role of monastic culture in Europe society defines the preservation of roman administration and culture throughout areas considered to be â€Å"barbaric†, such as the German tribal kingdom along the Rhine that St. Columban describes in the Boat Song. In addition to preserving Christian society in the Roman Catholic model, the writings of St. Columba defineRead MoreThe Purpose and Practice of Monastic Vocation Essay667 Words   |  3 PagesBenedictines Benedictines - The Benedictines are the oldest monastic order in the West, founded by St. Benedict of Nursia (c.480-543) in the 6th century. Benedict founded several monasteries, but he spent his last years at the monastery at Monte Cassino. St. Benedict creates a strict set of rules which all of the members of the order were supposed to follow. These are the rules:  · Once you have entered a monastery you must stay there until you die.  · All monks mustRead MoreEssay about The Emergence of Europe1417 Words   |  6 Pagesreceive baptism, along with his army, in fear of defeat by the opposing German armies. Grasping on to this new Christian faith, Clovis conquered several of his enemies including the Visigoths and the Alemanni resulting in the expansion of his Frankish rule from eastern Germany to the Pyrenees.12 By the end of his reign, Clovis was able to unify the Frankish tribes under one kingdom and develop a strong alliance with the Christian church. The leadership that was so badly needed in western Europe couldRead MoreEssay on The Road of Joseph Ratzinger t Pope Ementus Benedict1269 Words   |  6 Pagesof the Catholic Church. This is something that started right after the death of Jesus. When Jesus resurrected, he said to St. Peter, â€Å"Feed my lambs.... Tend my sheep.... Feed my sheep.† This command given to Peter made him the head of the apostles, henceforth, making him the first Pope. Peter would rule for approximately 34 years, and when he died he was succeeded by St. Linus. The tradition of serving as Pope until death was started by Peter and has been carried on for centuries. Since PeterRead MoreThe Christian Influence on The Middle Ages Essay1262 Words   |  6 Pagescenobitic, rules began surfacing that taught the monks how to live within their monasteries. One of the most important contributors of this time was Saint Benedict of Nursia. To guide Christians pursuing such a life, St. Benedict wrote Regu la Benedicti, The Rule of Saint Benedict. This book was composed of precepts for monks to follow as they lived in communal monasteries under an abbot. Ideally, poverty, chastity, and obedience were the most sought after traits that one should follow. Saint Benedict instructedRead MoreDesert Fathers, Early Monasticism Essay931 Words   |  4 PagesWestern monasticism began to grow through the example of Benedict of Nursia. Perhaps the best known Western monk, he segregated himself from society in about 500 A.D., and then founded his first of twelve monasteries in 529 A.D. near Rome , some of these twelve including some of the first schools for children . Benedict and Benedictine practice shaped and formed the rules, practices and codes of monastic life, known as the Rule of St. Benedict, which are still in active practice today in the BenedictineRead MoreThe English Church Exposed in Canterbury Tales Essay1113 Words   |  5 Pagestraditional Christian rules behind and do things that are clearly forbidden in either Bible or in St. Benedict. The monk, as an example, thinks hunting and eating are the biggest fun in life. Hunters are considered unholy men because of they take killing as entrainment and pleasure. But the monk ignores that rule and even wants to convince other people to think that hunting is a holy thing. His lavish life is nowhere near the abstemious life style that is required in St. Benedict. Unfortunaly the monkRead MoreThe Role and Significance of the Monastic Life in Medieval Christianity1654 Words   |  7 Pagesword monaches which means solitary and hermit from heremites a desert dweller. The early monks and nuns were just that: men and women who fled the worldliness of urban life and the ethos of a church that was at the time of Anthony and St. Paul and established institution of the Roman Empire. They fled to the desert to repent and seek God by prayer, fasting and hard manual labour. In the desert they practiced an aesthetical lifestyle of great poverty and extreme simplicityRead MoreThe Theory X And Theory Y985 Words   |  4 PagesObedience mean more than the words come off. Obedience doesn’t just mean â€Å"do what you’re told† it goes more deeply to describe what you have agreed to do. When clear rules and clear expectations are set, you should abide by and follow them. At work, I have agreed to take on the role of a medical assistant. This means there are certain rules and guidelines equipped to do the job. As an employee of the organization, I am agreeing to be obedient and get the job done. The Hallmark of Discipline is meant

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The Welfare Requirements Of Eyfs - 3262 Words

The welfare requirements of EYFS has now become the safeguarding and welfare requirement (SWR) since September 2012. The SWR have several features connecting to essential actions taken by childcare settings to deliver safety to children. The safeguarding and welfare requirement contains cases of adults’ behaviour which covers the cyphers of abuse and neglect. It is essential that if staff becomes conscious of any such signs, they should respond suitably in order to protect children. Regular staff meeting should be help and staff trainings should also cover recognising adult behaviour. All childcare settings must implement a safeguarding policy and other procedures, which should be in agreement with the regulation of the Local†¦show more content†¦Staff and managers are also required to meet frequently to talk over specific cases concerning children under a staff’s supervision. Safety and Suitability of premises: It is a requirement that there are suitably qualified people on site and that the ratio of staff is appropriate for safety of all children. It is also important to have safeguarding policies updated at all times, staff are encouraged to read all policies and procedures and adhere to them. Lastly, making sure that the locations, environment and equipment are suitable for the children including outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys, according to age/ stage. 1.2 explain the lines of reporting and responsibility within the work setting. In my setting all staff report to nursery manger and if she is not present the deputy manager or provider is in charge. Any problems and concerns are discussed with the manger and she will then try to deal with them professionally. 2.2 Explain systems for supporting children’s safety when; a) Receiving children into the setting b) ensuring their safety on departure c) during off site visits. Receiving children into settings can be very busy therefore it is very important to have a clear system put in place to welcome children into the setting. We ensure that a risk assessment is carried out before children can enter the setting so any dangers and risks can be minimised. It is important that the

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Experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait. Answer: Introduction Reflecting on the term cultural safety I have learnt from my course of study that cultural safety is all about accepting another culture. The choice of population for my reflective writing is the Torres Trait Islander and the aboriginal people. Cultural safety is not just about treating the people well and in a culturally respectful manner but is also about empowerment for interacting actively by believing in them (Gair et al., 2015). It is the cultural safety that helps to broaden and transform the discourse and health inequalities experienced by the diverse population. I have understood that there are several key principles to understand the cultural safety. One of the principle factors is that influence the cultural safety is the economical, historical and the social contexts on the health status of the aboriginals. Power inequalities for the aboriginal people have long been established by power, paternalism, authority, biased health care policies. In this course I have understood about the essence of cultural beliefs and values. It is to be identified that strong sense of cultural history and the traditions, helps a person to build a strong sense of cultural identity. In this course I have learnt that cultural identity gives a sense of self esteem and provides support to the overall well being of the person. I belong from Middle East and stay in Australia as an international student. It should be mentioned that religion is very tightly integrated in the cultures of the Middle East, yet in Australia I was never deterred from practicing my religion and my culture (Hole et al., 2013). No kind of restrictions was imposed on me regarding the cuisines and the traditional beliefs. Yet, I have tried to imbibe myself in the Australian Culture. But I have not seen this acceptance of culture among the Torres Trait Islander people. As much I have devoted myself in the learning of the aboriginals, I have understood that the discrimination that had occurred with the aboriginal population. The government has always tried to assimilate the aboriginals in the westernized model by devaluing their culture. The aboriginal children were forced to send in schools run by churches, where they were punished for using aboriginal languages or for observing aboriginal culture. I believe that there has been a breaching of the human rights, where every human being is allowed free to enjoy their rights self respect and dignity. While reflecting my feelings on the cultural safety my first question to myself was how clear is the concept of cultural safety? I have understood that cultural safety is a significant variability and changes how each receivers of the care perceive them, or how the health care professionals understand that they are delivering a culturally safe care. Cultural safety has long been criticized as it lacked a strong framework. The first question that came to my mind is why a cultural safety is so important for the aboriginals and the Torrait Strait Islander people? The fact sheets show that aboriginals have long been experiencing a disproportionate burden of social disadvantage and illness as compared to the non aboriginals. It has also been found that this group of people suffers from high levels of discrimination and racism. I have recognized the cultures of aboriginals as a source of strength, happiness, resilience, identity and confidence always have good impact on the health of the aboriginals. My learning experience was good as I could understand why cultural safety is the crucial factor while providing care to the aboriginal people. Previously, I had a predetermined notion about the aboriginals like any other international students, which has changed profoundly after my exposure to knowledge. Previously I had a misconception about aboriginals. My belief was erected from the readings of numerous articles like Cameron et al. (2014) who have stated that aboriginal people are susceptible to violence, alcohols and substance abuse and are found as the vulnerable population related to antisocial activities. Understanding of a new culture has helped me to develop an acceptance towards any culture, which I feel is the core value nursing and midwifery practice. My learning about the aboriginal culture has made me realize the importance of spirituality and family. This kind of a learning experience is necessary as in my nursing career I have to encounter several patients coming from a diversified cultural background. I need to understand that aboriginal people are more likely to quit hospital care due to the factors like delayed care, or long standing queue, improper and delayed referrals. They are more likely to rely upon their traditional concept of treatment other than depending on the westernized concept of treatment. In my course I have studied about the history of the aboriginals, that they have occupied Australia for at least 60,000 years (Sherwood, 2013). From the course of study, I have learnt that the colonization history of the aboriginals have been carried forward from generations to generations and have been found to be responsible for the health status of the aboriginal people. The aboriginals were removed from their land, the aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their parents, and they were not allowed to go outside after 6.00 PM at night (Sherwood, 2013). The indigenous Australians were barred from the basic rights because they were indigenous (Gair et al., 2015). The literatures have also explained that a culturally safe care nursing have brought about better outcomes in maternal and antenatal care. Cultural safety have found to useful in dealing with psychotic disorders. According to Nielsen et al., (2014) better health outcomes have been found in collaborative care by the aboriginal nurses and traditional healers. I have gone through several health care data and have found that aboriginals have been facing disparities in terms of health care, education and employment. Being culturally aware is the first step towards cultural safety. The cultural sensitivity is the next step that helps in the self exploration of the personal viewpoints (Brown et al., 2016). It is the cultural safety that centers on the basic human rights, dignity, respect, autonomy, safety and empowerment (Brown et al., 2016). I have understood how the health inequalities are actually influenced by the cultural nature of the health care regimens. According to Gerlach, (2012) cultural safety promotes way in which the nurses help in bringing the postcolonial viewpoints in clinical practice and research. My learning has empowered me with the knowledge that cultural safety enhances the therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the patient. The application of a culturally safe care encourages the nurses to assess the differentials and their effects in their own nursing career (Sherwood, 2013). Cultural safe care is a must while dealing with the aboriginal women. Women might find it difficult to discuss about the birthing information or other gynecological interventions with a nurse of opposite gender. Hence gander match is extremely useful while considering culturally safe care. Conclusion I have understood that in order to improve the health status outcome in the aboriginals the provision of the health service needs to be more responsive towards the cultural differences and the influence of the conscious and unconscious racism. Although I have gained substantial knowledge about cultural safe care, I have realized that I need more extensive reading in order to understand the aboriginal culture. I am well aware of the fact that aboriginals are more family oriented, close to the nature and still believe in the idea of kingship. I am keen to understand more on the health care beliefs of the aboriginals such that I can contribute more to their care. Action plan As a registered nurse, I would be able to foster a cultural safety in my nursing care, which can be done by using language interpreters, as language can be a barrier and hence interpreter can be used to facilitate effective communication. A sound relationship and a non hostile environment can be made for the patients. Communication should be done by using simple short languages and simple open ended questions as these helps the patients coming from diversified cultural background to overcome fear and hesitation. Gender matching should be ensured for women from diverse cultural or religious background. My verbal and non verbal way of communication such as facial expression and eye contact, because eye contact can be considered as an act of disrespect towards the elderly people of the community. One should have an acceptance towards their culture for preparing a collaborative treatment plan. References Brown, A. E., Middleton, P. F., Fereday, J. A., Pincombe, J. I. (2016). Cultural safety and midwifery care for Aboriginal womenA phenomenological study.Women and Birth,29(2), 196-202. Cameron, B. L., Plazas, M. D. P. C., Salas, A. S., Bearskin, R. L. B., Hungler, K. (2014). Understanding inequalities in access to health care services for Aboriginal people: a call for nursing action.Advances in Nursing Science,37(3), E1-E16. Gair, S., Miles, D., Savage, D., Zuchowski, I. (2015). Racism unmasked: The experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in social work field placements.Australian Social Work,68(1), 32-48. Hole, R. D., Evans, M., Berg, L. D., Bottorff, J. L., Dingwall, C., Alexis, C., ... Smith, M. L. (2015). Visibility and voice: Aboriginal people experience culturally safe and unsafe health care.Qualitative health research,25(12), 1662-1674. Nielsen, A. M., Alice Stuart, L., Gorman, D. (2014). Confronting the cultural challenge of the whiteness of nursing: Aboriginal registered nurses perspectives.Contemporary nurse,48(2), 190-196. Sherwood, J. (2013). ColonisationIts bad for your health: The context of Aboriginal health.Contemporary Nurse,46(1), 28-40.

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A Calculator Example Program (With Java Code)

A Calculator Example Program (With Java Code) The following Java code is for a simple calculator. There are nine JButtons to represent the numbers 1 to 9, and three JButtons for addition, subtraction and totaling the result. A JTextField at the top keeps track of the numbers being pressed and the result of the arithmetic operation. Java Code The purpose of this Java program  is to show how to implement an  ActionListener  interface for handling JButton button  event  clicks by using the containing class, an inner class, and  an anonymous inner class. //Imports are listed in full to show whats being used //could just import javax.swing.* and java.awt.* etc.. import java.awt.EventQueue; import java.awt.GridLayout; import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JPanel; import javax.swing.JTextField; import javax.swing.JButton; import java.awt.Container; public class SimpleCalc implements ActionListener{ JFrame guiFrame; JPanel buttonPanel; JTextField numberCalc; int calcOperation 0; int currentCalc; //Note: Typically the main method will be in a //separate class. As this is a simple one class //example its all in the one class. public static void main(String[] args) { //Use the event dispatch thread for Swing components EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() { Override public void run() { new SimpleCalc(); } }); } public SimpleCalc() { guiFrame new JFrame(); //make sure the program exits when the frame closes guiFrame.setDefaultClo seOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); guiFrame.setTitle(Simple Calculator); guiFrame.setSize(300,300); //This will center the JFrame in the middle of the screen guiFrame.setLocationRelativeTo(null); numberCalc new JTextField(); numberCalc.setHorizontalAlignment(JTextField.RIGHT); numberCalc.setEditable(false); guiFrame.add(numberCalc, BorderLayout.NORTH); buttonPanel new JPanel(); //Make a Grid that has three rows and four columns buttonPanel.setLayout(new GridLayout(4,3)); guiFrame.add(buttonPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER); //Add the number buttons for (int i1;i10;i) { addButton(buttonPanel, String.valueOf(i)); } JButton addButton new JButton(); addButton.setActionCommand(); OperatorAction subAction new OperatorAction(1); addButton.addActionListener(subAction); JButton subButton new JButton(-); subButton.setActionCommand(-); OperatorAction addAction new OperatorAction(2); subButton.addActionListener(addAction); JButton equalsButton new JButton(); equalsButton.setActionCommand(); eq ualsButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) { if (!numberCalc.getText().isEmpty()) { int number Integer.parseInt(numberCalc.getText()); if (calcOperation 1) { int calculate currentCalc number; numberCalc.setText(Integer.toString(calculate)); } else if (calcOperation 2 { int calculate currentCalc - number; numberCalc.setText(Integer.toString(calculate)); } } } }); buttonPanel.add(addButton); buttonPanel.add(subButton); buttonPanel.add(equalsButton); guiFrame.setVisible(true); } //All the buttons are following the same pattern //so create them all in one place. private void addButton(Container parent, String name) { JButton but new JButton(name); but.setActionCommand(name); but.addActionListener(this); parent.add(but); } //As all the buttons are doing the same thing its //easier to make the class implement the ActionListener //interface and control the button clicks from one place Override public void actionPerform ed(ActionEvent event) { //get the Action Command text from the button String action event.getActionCommand(); //set the text using the Action Command text numberCalc.setText(action); } private class OperatorAction implements ActionListener { private int operator; public OperatorAction(int operation) { operator operation; } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) { currentCalc Integer.parseInt(numberCalc.getText()); calcOperation operator; } } }

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Organizational Design Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Organizational Design - Case Study Example The company gives a lot of freedom to its associates and all its employees are associates as they are stakeholders as well. There is no hierarchy and no boss and two instances have been given in which new staff have been asked to do what they felt should be done according to the opportunities and no formal work pan or functions were given. All new staff are first expected to know the working of the company and the various departments and divisions before settling down to his or her own work. The challenge and the central problems seems to be to examine how this no structure management system could be essentially tied with the profitability approach so that employees are able to provide their best performance and the company output is also improved. Among one of the challenges faced by the company was leaking of one of its popular waterproof product. The product clearly had some flaws and after a lot of research, this problem was solved and the innovativeness and flexibility of the co mpany have been responsible for overcoming difficult times.WL Gore & associates always maintained an open and unstructured corporate environment and despite having 5300 associates the company still maintains the policy of no hierarchy, yet leadership by all. Also all its plants and units have been kept small so that there is greater interaction and closely knit pattern of working. Everyone is encouraged to be innovative and although opportunities are provided no formal task are drawn to retain maximum flexibility of the work pattern.